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relationships with people

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The Crash exists to send teams to saturate non-Christian cultures for the Gospel's sake, to grow disciples, and to help teams with pastors in church planting.  The Crash is missionaries helping communities and church plants.  We are all just ordinary people who have decided to go to areas that are in desperate need of the Gospel and spend our lives sharing in the given community.  Currently we are here in Eugene, Oregon.  It is surely a work in progress and is far from perfect, but we are learning lessons that will help us as we partner with planters for the rest of our lives.

The premise is this.  We are all made to be missionaries, but many times expense and lack of education keep people from feeling like it is even possible to be on the mission field.  What the Crash contends is that to be missionaries we don't need a lot of money or education, but passion and a willingness to step out into the unknown.  We take teams to areas and do cold start mission work.  We partner with a pastor in an area and then move to that area.  Our team will help in the ministerial needs of the church during the startup season.  Currently we are not partnering with a planter, but building our first team here in Eugene.  The prayer is that God would provide a pastor to partner with here in Eugene, but if not our team is learning how to find jobs, connect with people, and minister, all in a culture different than what we are used to.  At the same time our team is being discipled and learning about church planting so that they will be ready for whenever God calls us to partner.