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Quinton & Audrey Williams

We are the "team Williams".  God put me and Audrey together in high school and we've had the privilege of living adventures with him ever since.  It's not always easy, but God has never left us alone.  Currently we lead a Crash team in Eugene, OR.  We have three girls; December, Journey, and Harlow.  It is amazing to see our daughters growing up and serving those around them.  Our prayer is that they and all we interact with will know how deep and amazing the love of God is and how much Jesus can change a life.  



Erik & Miranda Emanuel

Hello, my name is Erik Emanuel. I am one of The Crash Mission team members and a board member. Originally from Alabama I moved with my family to Eugene, OR to be a part of The Crash and help our first church plant. I have been married 13 years to Miranda who keeps my grounded and keeps me laughing. We have 3 children with one more on its way, Isaac, Mallory, Zoe, and of course TBD.

I spent 9 years of our marriage trying to quench the effectual call of surrendering all of my life over to Christ. I stayed busy in church, doing church, going to church, volunteering in church……before finally one day I said enough! That day I told God whenever……… wherever, everything I have and everything I am is yours. Since that day I have been trying and failing miserably to die to myself and live for Christ.

That journey put me on staff at LifePoint Church in Albertville, AL. From there I became involved in The Crash mission and well, now 3000 miles later hello Eugene, OR. Miranda, the kids and I are very excited about The Crash and what and where the future might hold for us in God’s plans. We will continue to seek His will and hopefully have the faith to say yes before He asked the question. 


Erin Jamison

My name is Erin Jamison. I first learned about Jesus and the Bible in Middle School and High School, but did not actually become a Christian until a few years ago. I came to Oregon for school around the same time and got involved with a campus ministry group. Last year I met the people of the Crash when I started going to the Beautiful Mess. I had been seeking a way for the Lord to use me, and so when the opportunity arose, it felt natural to get involved with the Crash. I have a passion for cooking, languages, and taking care of people. I hope to use these gifts to further the Kingdom of the Lord and am excited to discover where God will take me next. 


Derrick & Thania May


Hi, I'm Derrick. I'm originally from the South. I moved to Oregon, with The Crash, where I met my Hispanic princess. We have no kids but I have a dog named Phoenix and my wife thinks she's getting a kitten for Christmas... I've had a love for Jesus for almost as long as I can remember, so when I got the invite to move with The Crash it seemed like a no brainer. Little did I know the enemy was going to make it hard on me. I lost my dad a month before the big move and I thought for a minute that it had changed everything. But my awesome mom told me there was no way I was staying. So away I went! Best decision ever!


Hello, I'm Thania :) I was saved about 2 years ago. As a child, my mom would force me to go to a Catholic church. I went through Sunday school and memorized some prayers and had my first communion but I had no idea how awesome God really is! I stopped going to church soon after. Years later I started to work at an assisted facility where I met Maribel. We became roommates and had talked about missing something in life. We had always known of God but had never actually learned anything. That's when Derrick May invited us to church with him. It was amazing! And we met other people from The Crash. Derrick and I started dating, adopted Phoenix, got married and are DEFINITELY getting a kitten this Christmas! Now we are just trying to do our best to live for God :)


Jeffery Tennant

Hello! I’m Jeffrey Tennant and I’m a single man, there are applications for being my lady friend at the bottom of the page. I’ve been a worship leader since the age of twelve when I didn’t even believe in Christ and when I was fourteen, I finally had the gospel explained to me and let Him change me.  That being said, my life has not been full of jolly good butterflies and confetti, I’ve stumbled quite a bit throughout the years but in that He’s shown me my mistakes and allowed for me to jump back on to his path with his awesome grace. 


God’s taken me all over the place in the south to different youth groups and camps throughout the years, it has always brought me joy to serve Him and see peoples life change with Him.  Being a bit of a sojourner in life, it has been a blessing to be a part of the Crash.  There are many stories of personal growth and lives being changed for Christ that I’ve experienced with this team that I would never have experienced in my comfort zone of a home.  I’ll be getting a blog regularly updated too if you want to check out some stories.



God bless!


Zac Gideon

A native of Northern California, I met Jesus in Alabama in the summer of 2009. He fixed me up, and has been building me into the man he sees in me. After he saved me I had no choice but to give up my life for the life he has for me.  December of 2012 I Joined up with the Crash to begin marinating Eugene with God's love in hopes that we can help bring somebody to know and love Jesus! Here to do whatever I can to make that go smoother and more organic and real.


Alec & Holleigh Woodward

Just over two years ago God interrupted our lives in an incredible way. He moved us from our comfortable routines across the country to a totally different region and culture. To say it’s been an eye opening experience would be an understatement. We’ve learned to adapt and adjust to the shape that God sees fit. It’s not always been pretty. It’s not always been fun. When we arrived in Eugene in January of 2011 we were not married, not even engaged. Long story short, we got married. We currently worship with our Beautiful Mess family and our vocation consists of loving homeless people and building bicycles.  We must admit sometimes that’s tough. We’re humans and weak. However, God is teaching us how to love, listen, and what real gentleness looks like. Ultimately, we want to mirror Christ and introduce a love that does not always make sense but is always accessible.  In our free time, Holleigh loves to run, bike, and sew. Alec is crazy about snowboarding and mountain biking.  And the most exciting news of all is that our little family has grown. We’ve recently adopted a Weimaraner named Penelope. We believe she is the sweetest pup in the whole world.


Levi Gideon

A man with a constant urge to travel, I landed with the Crash in July of 2012 after my brother, Zach had joined up with the team. I was born in the San Joaqin Valley of California, and grew up at the base of the Sierra Nevada, so the west coast has always had a place in my heart. God called me to Him in the spring of 2011, after 19 or so years of totally not believing. Since then He's sent me down an unpredictable path of joy, mourning, more joy, some sadness mixed in there, and most of all, peace in Him. With me as always, my dog Mabel is a faithful partner in ministry. My plan is to work through His plan, whatever that may be.


Louis Corona

So where do I start?...Dec 23, 2010 I made a public proclamation to follow Christ. That day I prayed something I'll never forget. "Lord I don't want to go to church for 50 years and not do anything about it." For the next six months my world was rocked! I took a step of faith, which led me to where I'm at now Eugene Oregon. It’s been the hardest thing I've very had to face.  I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm just a brown skinned nobody living a life where impacting is far better than impressing.