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The Crash has been building its infrastructure for the last 2 years and now have a clear vision of where we are heading.  We are about to begin connecting potential missionaries with potential church planters.  Our goal is to do this across the US.  We want to see successful churches reaching and changing communities around them.  Our model here in Eugene has been to get engaged in social justice around us and give Jesus all the credit.  Here are a few of the thing our initial team has been involved in.



  1. Homelessness.  We currently have three team members who work at the Eugene Mission and have had a hand in completely changing how a community reacts to homelessness around it.  I created the idea of having a Community Service Hub that reaches out to social service organizations in the community and brings them to our office on sight.  We now have 15 organizations from the city of Eugene that spend monthly if not weekly time on our campus, serving the homeless.  We have also launched a new Life Change Program that is taking 18 men and 6 women through a year’s worth of classes to strengthen their walk with God and provide them the tools to get back onto their feet.  It has been an amazing joy to be part of this work.  I am the Director of Social Services and Ministry, Holleigh Woodward is the Women’s Center Director, and Jeff Tenant is the Social Services Assistant. 
  2. Human Trafficking.  I have the opportunity to help get OATH (Oregonians Against the Trafficking of Humans) up and running in Eugene.  We have taught at conferences on how to combat this issue and worked closely with FBI on certain case needs.  We have also had a strong partnership with a local home who reestablishes the women caught up in this.
  3. Child Food Needs.  We helped initiate a feeding event that was able to raise the money and box 11,000 meals to go out to kids in two schools who find themselves beneath the poverty level. 
  4. Youth Homelessness.  I and Alec Woodward have been active with helping Hosea Youth Services during our stay here.  This center provides essentials to homeless you and helps them take next steps in life. 
  5. Disparity.  We find ourselves spending time under out downtown bridge playing basketball with young men who have not vision for life other than drugs and basketball.  We have seen through relationship with them that they are beginning to dream bigger and better dreams.  One young man has now, at 29, going to finish his education and is playing ball with a local Christian College.
  6. Church Planting.  We have been part of the plant team to establish The Beautiful Mess.  It is a downtown church in one of the darkest and most poverty stricken areas of Eugene, on purpose.  We are seeing local families beginning to find connection and a place where they can be loved. 


As you can see we are busy.  God has done amazing things and we are so humbled to be a part of it.  Now, we are ready to take The Crash to the next level.  Church planning is happening at a faster rate than ever before.  We have a great opportunity to put passionate people alongside those who are visionaries for desperate areas. 


Our strategy is twofold.

  1. Begin to connect with church planters who are going to low churched areas by connecting with partner churches and making ourselves visible at Church Planting Conferences and Initiatives.
  2. Begin to connect with missionaries by going to Christian College Ministry Fairs.  This is where we will find young Christians hungry to serve and experience an adventure.  They also will find themselves more available for moving and less locked in to career and family obligations.


This takes us having our stuff together.  The website is almost completed.  Feel free to check it out at thecrashmission.org.  We have newsletters ready to roll out. 


What we need are some folks to financially jump in with us for 2 years as we get off the ground.  We have to order cards and begin booking flights to these meetings.  I’ve covered much of the expense of The Crash myself over the last 2 years, but we are going beyond my capacity for that.  We need some help.  Financially, we are strapped.  Eugene is much more expensive than Alabama. 


If you are getting this it’s because I know you believe in me.  Thank you.  This is a dream God has birthed in me and will not remove.  I am so excited about seeing churches succeed across this world because people are invested and teams are serving.  I’m asking you to believe with me again. 


We need and have a place for monthly support that will go into our Crash account.  It is tax deductible.  And we will provide a budget and expenses to any donor who asks.  Ultimately I want to change the world.  And I know many of you do too.  I think this is a way to be a part of that.




Thanks for your consideration.  I love you all so much.


Quinton Williams


Servant of the Lord