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As Q said we have been putting the Crash into motion with, The Beautiful Mess. TBM is The Crash’s first church plant in the Whitaker district of Eugene. The Whitaker district is the darkest corner of a city that proudly boasts to have more pet dogs than Christians. The Whit is an area of town were prostitution, drugs, homelessness, sex trafficking, and just plain darkness and despair have not only taken hold but are thriving.

TBM has opened its door right in the middle of this dark abyss. More importantly TBM has opened its heart to this ominous nook of Eugene. From pot luck dinners, open mic nights, cleaning up yards, basketball tourneys under the bridge, clothing give away, even simple things like free coffee, we have tried to show this community the love and grace we have all experienced through Christ. Most importantly we have tried to love this community like Christ has loved us. As our missional communities begin to spread throughout the city, slowly but surely we have begun to see the fruit begin to grow and lives beginning to change.

From the perspective of The Crash it has been amazing to see our missionaries not only grow in their faith, but to begin to fulfill their calling. I have gotten to see regular everyday people answer a call to live the gospel as a missionary in their everyday life. From social worker to graphic artist, from mechanic to stay at home mother, I see people living their life as a missionary daily! Their mission field is their life, their co-workers, their community! Where traditionally people might see Christians living their life, I see Missionaries affecting the lives of others! I see people proving that a missionary is a very simple thing……People willing to say yes to God before He asks the question……..People willing to GO and DO whenever, wherever!  That is the most beautiful part about The Crash Mission……. all it takes to be a missionary is a calling to say too, and the willingness to say YES. That is why we want to use The Crash to give people an avenue to say yes. If you are called to live a life as a missionary and you say, but I am a teacher,  a mechanic,  a nurse………..guess what, if you are willing to say yes…..God wants teachers, mechanics and nurses to be missionaries all over His world. If He has changed you, if He has called you, then He can work through you, you can be a missionary!

We thank everyone for their support and most importantly for their prayers. We truly believe God is going to use The Crash to help give everyday people a chance to say yes to their calling, a chance to say yes I will go, a chance to say I am not worthy but Christ is worth it! Please go check out our website: thecrashmission.org and please continue to pray for our team. THANK YOU!

“All missionaries fall into two categories: 1) Unworthy 2) Dead.”