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Where The Crash is headed.


Here we are 2 years into an amazing experiment that is turning into a life long dream and pursuit over the Gospel coming alive in missionary’s hearts and churches birthing forth in communities where Christ is less known.  This is amazing.  Here are the two problems.


1.     People feel like there are too many obstacles between them and being a missionary.

2.     Church planters need people supporting them in there mission.


We connect the dots.  What we will exist to accomplish is training everyday followers of Christ in how to engage a foreign culture for the Gospel and how to be an asset to a church planter as he leads a new church plant.  We’ve been practicing the last year with a church called The Beautiful Mess, which has been a blast and experienced some great growth.  I’ll let Erik fill you in more on that.  My real job is to tell you where we are headed.


We will begin to partner with churches from around the country and one day the world.  We will offer to provide a missionary outlet for individuals and families feeling called to short and long term missions.  Pastors and leaders can encourage people to join teams doing church planting in different cultures, states, and countries.  


We also provide support for church planters being birthed out of church families.  Many churches are raising up church planters with big dreams and we want to send teams with training and experience with them.  It is known that the success rate of a church plant improves drastically when a team is part of the plant.  The larger the team, the higher rate of success.  These teams bring their gifting, talents, resources, support, and prayer to the church planting endeavor.


We have a couple of years to invest in the community here yet, but are even now talking with partner churches about potential Crash sites.  Already we are praying for Ashland, OR as we are looking at a future partnership with a church planter there. 


Other big things this year.  We have our own account and mailing address.  This means you guys supporting the work here can write the checks straight to The Crash.  This month we should also have the website up and running, thecrashmission.org.  Here you can keep up with all of our missionary’s stories and find out information about joining up with us on the mission field.  And we will have online giving for all the checkless folk out there.   

It’s going to be an amazing year as we add missionaries to the field and partner with more churches in church planting.  Following Jesus is always an amazing adventure.  I’ll leave you with a Mother Teresa quote, “we are all just pencils in the hand of God.”  What an honor to be used to write the story.


Much love,